Human Remain Repatriation Worldwide

Our scope of service includes repatriation on import /export of human remains globally. We take care of the followings:

  1. Obtaining of Burial Permit And Application On Death Certificate
  2. Preparation of All Relevant Documents For Embassy Requirement
  3. Consular Fees
  4. Embalming By Certified Embalmer
  5. Cleaning, Bathing, Dressing & Kafan For Muslims (According To All Religion)
  6. Dress – Coat Suit & Traditional Suits
  7. Wooden Coffin @ Galvanized (Air-Tide)
  8. Customs Clearance At Export Terminal/Doc. From Relevant Authorities
  9. Packing And Forwarding Handling Charges
  10. Air Freight Charges From Malaysia To Anywhere Worldwide
  11. Application of Post-Mortem Report
  12. Transportation From Hospital To Airport By Hearse
  13. Approval By Authorities For Sealing & Packing Of The Coffin Or Urn


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